All extensions may look the same and home owners will be very tempted to go for the cheapest builder. But only later on, once the builder has left (if they complete the job), do you realise the difference.

  • Our work is done on a supply and fit basis. So we do not hassle the householder at all for any extra material we take care of ALL the hassle. This is what you are paying us for!
  • We provide design services for bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms.
  • We guarantee to book all Inspections until completion.
  • We guarantee only to use Blue Circle cement on any brick or block work. Walls made by inferior cement can be knocked down by your bare hands!
  • We guarantee not to use waste building sand from quarries, only high standard building sand which does not spoil the pointing on your brick work.
  • We will advise you not to use thermolite blocks or have dry lining on walls as this causes problems when fixing shelves or other wall fixtures and fittings.
  • We guarantee to go by the drawing unless approved otherwise. i.e. if an RSJ is needed we will not cut cost by putting a timber joist in its place (yes, this does happen)!
  • Our after sales service means once we hang your doors, if they need cutting down for flooring we will come and do this for free (conditions apply).
  • We guarantee to provide you with a completion certificate at the end of a job. This means your new extension can be added to your Deeds and there are no problems if you sell or re-mortgage your house. It also means that all Gas and Electrical work is certified by Gas Safe and NICEIC.
  • Our certificates are signed by the person who does the work, not a third party!
  • We have one million pounds Public Liability Insurance, so if your house burns down during construction, you are covered!
  • We use solid plaster, not dry lining (except on partition walls and ‘trouble’ spots)
  • We use the same sand and cement and the same brick layers on all facing brick work to ensure consistency of finish.
  • Please feel free to ring Walsall council and ask about the quality of our work or any other builder you decide to take on. 

REMEMBER if a quote is a lot cheaper, its for a reason!
REMEMBER if a builder gives you a on the spot quote and says he can start straight away, be wary – a good builder is always a busy builder.
REMEMBER to ask if the builder has a:
*registered office address,
*Land Line Number,
*Liability Insurance (what happens if the construction work on your house cause damage to the neighbour?),
*V.A.T. registration number (a builder who can do extensions should be earning enough to be V.A.T. registered and should be able to provide you with receipts and invoices for the work carried out.)

Be careful  – this is YOUR home, improving it should be a joy not a nightmare!